Line TV to Broadcast Taiwan Drama’s New Version of It Started with a Kiss this December

Taiwan’s reboot of the It Started with a Kiss story is has an air date, premiering December 11th on Line TV. It’s a ballsy move for Taiwan to adapt shoujo manga Itazura na Kiss again when many still hold the original adaptation with Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng as the pillars of perfection. This one doesn’t appear to attempt anything wildly ambitious or different, serving more as a spring board for popular singer-actor Dino Lee to play his first male lead role as the cold smart high school student with a pesky dimwitted crush played this time by Esther Wu. This version as the English title Miss in Kiss and has cast age appropriately as well in newbie second leads Kung Yi Teng and Xi Wei Lun. I’m inclined to check it out and see if the new take has anything interesting or memorable in this version. Continue reading