TV Report Releases Industry PDs Vote on Best Dramas in Recent Years

I often get asked to recommend dramas but its so hard to gauge what others like or are in the mood for, whereas I watch what floats my boat sometimes in line with the consensus on quality and other times personally enjoying admittedly crappy dramas. Those wanting rec’s for recent K-dramas are in luck as TV Report just released an industry veteran PDs vote on the best K-dramas of the last two years. I think TV Report is on a poll roll since it recently did a survey of the industry veterans on the most bankable actors and actresses this year.

To no one’s surprise, tvN‘s Misaeng ran away with the vote as best drama of recent years, followed by Punch from SBS in second place, and MBC‘s Kill Me Heal Me rounded out the top three. Funnily enough, I’ve watched all the dramas on this list other than the top two, heh. The mood hasn’t ever struck for me to pick those up still but it’s good to know that I’ll always have a quality drama on the backburner when I find myself with nothing new to watch. Did your favorites make the list? Any drama not worthy to be mentioned here, or a hidden gem egregiously overlooked? Continue reading