Producer and The Girl Who Sees Smells Leads the Drama Content Power Index for First Half of 2015

The Contents Power Index (CPI) rankings are out, tabulating the most influential dramas of the first half of 2015. The ranking was for the period between January-June of 2015 and included all dramas aired on the big three as well as cable networks. CPI is calculated using ratings, discussion buzz, number of news articles written, number of searches, and how active the forums on the topic are. Unsurprisingly the KBS experimental format variety show drama Producer topped the power index with a combination of big name cast touting a different take on the typical K-dramas.

Since domestic television ratings are in the crapper across the board with all K-dramas, the new normal if you may, checking out the CPI rankings adds an additional layer to assess the success and staying power of dramas beyond live television ratings. Coming in second is the surprise of The Girl Who Sees Smells followed by ended very early in the year Pinocchio with quite the residual staying power. Kill Me Heal Me made the list next, though I’m a tad surprised it wasn’t higher, while the power of currently airing melodrama Mask is now joke as it rounds out the top 5 spot. Check out the full top 15 below, with KBS and SBS having the most dramas on the list. Continue reading

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