K-netizens Assemble the Grown Up and Glowed Up Top Drama Child Stars of the Last Two Decades with Yoo Seung Ho, Yeo Jin Gu, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun, and More

It’s one of the mysteries of K-drama land where a precocious and adorable child star will after the time jump turn into the male or female lead who looks nothing alike. I mean, pre-teen Yeo Jin Gu turned into 25-year old Kim Soo Hyun in The Moon Embraces the Sun and today Yeo Jin Gu is himself 25-years old in real life and he just looks like himself ahahaha. And Kim So Hyun grown up looks more like Han Ga In than Kim Yoo Jung so eh, I’ll still take those ridiculous change ups so that K-dramas can keep on discovering and developing new child talent. Currently it’s Kim Kang Hoon who is the new Yeo Jin Gu who was himself the new Yoo Seung Ho. But for the OG batch of child stars, they are all grown up and K-netizens nicely assembled the top 8 with split screen pictures so we can admire their cuteness (so cute!) and how handsome/pretty each looks today. For sure the potential was all reached. Also, Yoo Seung Ho is the oldest and this year is 28 (29 in Korean age).

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