K-netizens Assemble the Grown Up and Glowed Up Top Drama Child Stars of the Last Two Decades with Yoo Seung Ho, Yeo Jin Gu, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun, and More

It’s one of the mysteries of K-drama land where a precocious and adorable child star will after the time jump turn into the male or female lead who looks nothing alike. I mean, pre-teen Yeo Jin Gu turned into 25-year old Kim Soo Hyun in The Moon Embraces the Sun and today Yeo Jin Gu is himself 25-years old in real life and he just looks like himself ahahaha. And Kim So Hyun grown up looks more like Han Ga In than Kim Yoo Jung so eh, I’ll still take those ridiculous change ups so that K-dramas can keep on discovering and developing new child talent. Currently it’s Kim Kang Hoon who is the new Yeo Jin Gu who was himself the new Yoo Seung Ho. But for the OG batch of child stars, they are all grown up and K-netizens nicely assembled the top 8 with split screen pictures so we can admire their cuteness (so cute!) and how handsome/pretty each looks today. For sure the potential was all reached. Also, Yoo Seung Ho is the oldest and this year is 28 (29 in Korean age).


K-netizens Assemble the Grown Up and Glowed Up Top Drama Child Stars of the Last Two Decades with Yoo Seung Ho, Yeo Jin Gu, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun, and More — 98 Comments

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  3. Woah is that little So Ji Sub?! I haven’t been following his career much. I think the last thing I saw him in was Queen Seon Deok but it looks like he’s getting leading roles now so kudos to him!

  4. They grew up well! I kinda miss Park Geon-Tae, he was really good too.

    I’m watching Racket Boys and these kids are soo good! Korea doesn’t lack good young actors!

  5. My god they were such cute kids and so talented as adults too. The Korean child cast have always delivered on performances.

  6. They grew up well. I still feel bad about about what happened to Seo Shin Ae, it takes courage to call out that idol for bullying her in Middle School. But look like, that idol will still continue and not an ounce of apology from her.

  7. KSH was always the much better match for HGI character visually and if she had been more popular would easily have been the younger version of her character but since she was even more exceptional as the villainous 2nd lead it ended up working in her favor. Her duality going from negative roles to positive roles has always been impressive and her range is phenomenal. She just needs to be in more movies because she has the movie star quality that directors are sleeping on. Especially in movies like Last Princess she will excel just like SYJ did because they both have that intensity and charisma and versatility.

    • She has the most stable acting career out of all the others to be honest. Not big peaks and big lows but steady growth and rise. Its a good thing because she’s always been in this for the long haul without tiring herself out. Out of all the child actors mentioned KHG, KSH, YJG and YSH are the only ones with the clear actor vibes but both YJG and YSH have both complained of burnout and loosing their love for acting. In fact YSH doesn’t even want to be an actor but he doesn’t know what else to do. KHG is still struggling to transition but she is prone to the PBY problem of being typecast because of her height. KSH is luck to have looks, height and body she really is the full package and without any controversies. It was smart of her to join Culture Depot because like JJH she too is very low key especially about her private life and CD is excellent at protecting the private lives of their artists. Her lack of movies is strange but like I said she is in this for the long haul and already stands on par with veterans in terms of talent. Once she decides to take cinema seriously she’ll dominate it just like she did with tv. She has both the massive hallyu and domestic popularity which literally none of the other former child stars have so its only a matter of time for her.

      • True her acting resume is very reliable and steadily growing with clear direction. RWTMR was a great turning point and acting breakthrough into mature scenes and NIW was the perfect partner for her. She also proved her action queen chops and was sooooo good in all her fight scenes. Even if the drama isn’t properly appreciated now I can see it being a massive cult hit just like LFG which has become so beloved and is on every popular horror/fantasy list. Her choice of dramas is very good and each very distinct even when she was doing high school dramas every character was different and unique. Her ability to play multiple characters in the same drama are crazy impressive and I can see her taking on experimental roles that other actresses would shy away from. She isn’t materialistic or frivolous and focuses all her energy on acting which is admirable. How she has managed her studies and work life balance is remarkable.

      • This finally someone said it! Her career is rock solid and she built it up painstakingly while also paying off her family debt and supporting their financial needs. It has never been stated explicitly but I would not be surprised if she chose to become an actress for purely financial reasons because it was a dark time for her family at that time. Its a miracle she didn’t experience the same feelings as the boys even after her struggles in 2017. Her love for acting is pure and eternal that much is for sure and her growth is clearly visible because she hones her craft properly.

      • @Monay In 2019 interview she said she had found a clear direction for her future so its true she is moving towards a clear goal. Poor girl suffered a lot in 2017-18 but it only made her stronger and more capable. She is the epitome of strength and resiliance.

    • Yes why does she not have movies? Lydia can someone answer this? It is a complete mystery to me too what keeps her away from doing films? Even rookie actors and idols with little to no acting abilities often appear in movies whether as supporting or main but Kim So Hyun hasn’t had a single movie casting since 2015. This is too bizzare to even process or understand.

      • She had a movie casting which is Miss Granny. It was around 2017 or 2018 but she turned it down because of her busy schedule. The movie also didn’t proceed when she turned it down. After that I didn’t see her in a casting news for a movie.

      • Miss Granny was the drama adaptation of the hit movie where Shim Eun Kyung was the lead. Unfortunately she hasn’t been cast in any movies since The Last Princess where she was a the younger version of Son Ye Jin.

      • maybe she’s too big and profitable that it doesnt make sense for her to give up drama offers in order to take on indie/smaller movies but also too commercial and conventionally attractive for bigger chungmuro type directors who seem to always prefers more unconventionally attractive actresses with theater/indie background.

    • Completely agree about her movie star quality. She really is the only 20s actress with the potential to be the next Queen of Cannes or even the Oscars with movies opening up to more diversity. Which is why her lack of movie roles has been very disappointing but it is a point to be noted that she is only 22. The only roles she could have had would have been small or supporting roles which is something I don’t see her doing. I’m sure she would love to do indie films like House of Hummingbird but her pay scale would never allow it and her agent would not allow her to work for minimum pay which is why most of these opportunities go to fresh faced actresses. She’s always been picky with her projects but with movies she seems to be extra picky but when she finally picks one I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait.

      • If HoH could have afforded her she would have singed on in a heartbeat. She’s a huge fan of the movie and director and hopes to be able to work with her someday. KSH has always been focused on socially relevant topics and dramas that incorporate LGBT and strong female characters in a non caricature manner. She’s aware of of the glass ceiling women face and often takes on strong female characters but also shows ‘weak’ characters have their own inner strength that doesn’t make them any less than strong characters. Her thought process is very mature and you can tell how much her cast mates respect her even the older actors are amazed by her maturity, kindness and perseverance.

    • She takes her acting career very seriously which is why she doesn’t do many CF activities or take on endorsements. She wants to be known for her acting and not her pretty face or ability to sell things. Acting is her religion and she treats it with respect. Thirteen years but her love affair with acting is still going strong.

      • @lily

        Dont take offence but u mean to say those who do many CFs are not serious abt their acting.

        Would definately like to know on what basis have u come to this conclusion (just curious)

        Isnt CF also considered acting where u persuade people to buy with ur acting abilities by showing how good the product is

      • ROFL someone saying cf is considered acting has the same energy as kpop enthusiasts saying music videos is considered acting. All kpop idols are certified actors by that standard. I have nothing to say about the op comment but cf is considered acting claim just made me burst out laughing. Most ridiculous statement to justify anything. People who do cfs are called models not actors.

      • @polish
        Happy to entertain you
        Maybe its countrywise difference but i always assumed cfs also to b part of acting but no dialogues

        Anyways thanks for clearing my doubts

      • @polish I’m with you imagine using that logic of CF to justify “acting”!! Jennie and Suzy must be veteran actors then!! Craziest nonsense!!

      • @polish @lovlei

        online community will be much peaceful if people know how to be courteous. @ana was plain asking.

      • @BetterWorld both @polish and @lovelei made courteous and very truthful remarks. Stop sounding pressed and throwing tantrums.

      • @polish Commercial acting is a discipline within the field of acting which is focused on acting for commercials. Commercials typically air for less than a minute, which requires unique acting skills to ensure that the message of the commercial is conveyed adequately and appropriately to the audience.

        A huge range of acting styles can be required. A good commercial actor can exhibit an array of looks and acting skills.

      • Commercial acting is not even remotely acting these people are desperate to prove their controversial bias has any relevance as an actor.

    • I’m not sure how one is able to say one actress is more
      Visually suited for a role unless there are photos of the character, is there photos of the character in the novel?

      • Oh never mind, you’re referring to the older version visually in comparison. In that case I agree haha

  8. All are pretty but Yooj had her huge glow up in terms of visual. Her physique match JJH and her face is a combination of Han Hyo Joo and Jun Ji Hyun. Although I agree that pre-teen Kim So Hyun is beautiful and does match Han Ga In more as both have prominent cheekbone and big eyes. KSR on the other hand, she’s really stylish maybe since she is surrounded with lots of k-pop friends. For Kim So Hyun, she seem to not matter much about how she looks and style herself. In my observation, she’s more on simplicity and she is not much particular with her fashion or style.

    Ps. I am just stating my observation just in case someone come on me again LOL

  9. Kim yoo jung was a cutie as a child actor but now one of the most beautiful girl in the industry.

    Her visuals are just OMG
    Minimum makeup but still the prettiest
    Beauty with brains
    Kind and generous
    Her smile is to die for
    Expressive eyes
    Awesome actress
    Multi talented
    Perfect human being

    Saw some pics of her press conference for 8th night movie
    Just couldnt take my eyes of her

    May god bless her with happiness and success

    • Perfect human being with a scandal at 16 years old and a drama labeled to be the worst of 2020 lol. She’s so perfect yikes!

      • @Kes

        Do you owe yoojungie something? Why so much hate. Seriously have some life
        Different username but still obsessed abt her nose

        Her drama worst or good doesnt define her plus the scandal is the result of hate by ppl like you

        Even if she had a scandal she is much loved in korea and pds wait for her to sign her

        But you,no one knows you apart from ur different username even a scandal wont make you famous hahaha so keep on ranting and hating

    • @kes
      Have you attended college

      YES-ohhh but u still seem brainless to me

      NO- dont attend college becoz u wil still b brainless

    • @KES @kyjhadanosejob Is it fun being the only 2 toxic commenters here? Literally stop trolling and get a life. If you haven’t noticed, this comment section is all positive, don’t ruin it with your toxicity

    • It’s obvious these are the same person. KES is known to be obsessed of YooJung’s nose. Please go back above and compare her baby pics to her pictures now. Anyone without an eye problem will know quickly she is natural. Did YooJung kick your dog or something? Your pathetic really.

  10. Sohyun is queen of child actors for a reason! Look at that elegance and grace its just a profile picture! Youngest Baeksang best actress nominee only!

    • Her beauty is on another level without bangs. Although her bangs will always be iconic, I hope she won’t hide her glorious forehead again.

      • She overcame her complex and has embraced her non-bang look permanently. We love to see queen shine her glorious forehead. River was peak beauty with high ponytail and full forehead on display.

  11. Imo in terms of historical drama, ksh looked the best in RWTMR drama, whoever styled her did a great job.She looked ethereal with that ponytail.? But I hope her next will be modern drama.@vitamim Even I am surprised as to why she does not appear in more films.? Her last movies was in 2016. May be that’s her personal choice

    • In terms of historical drama ksh always has the best beauty. Even in 2016 for her 30sec cameo in goblin she voted 2nd only to lya. Koreans love her beauty in historical dramas and she has one of the best diction they can’t stop praising her clear voice and pronunciation.

    • Yes, definitely her best look is on RWTMR. I’ve said it before, but she just looked divinely pretty in that drama, especially in the latter half where her hair was all tied up. Unbelievable doll-like visuals. She’s always been super pretty, but that was the first time I really went “Wow” with her beauty. That, and also her acting skills. That drama literally made me become her fan

      • RWTMR was the perfect drama to make anyone fall for her! Her beauty and acting skills were on another level!

  12. @Danny It was supposed to be an adaptation of miss granny movie into a drama. I was really happy when it was announced but it was cancelled for some reason. I wonder how it would have turned out.

  13. @koala
    If possible plz do write a review abt her upcoming movie 8th night would appreciate it as a fan of yoojungie
    Thank you

  14. All thesr gonna be destroyed when BTS and Non talend pink members debut. Not only they gonna snatch roles ( jisoo drama is high profile) they gonna get paid more.

  15. Too bad there aren’t many pics of KSH pre METS. Her entire filmography before 2012 is ignored by most but she had strong performances in Padam Padam, Baker King, Duo and Thorn Birds which nobody talks about. Especially Man of Vendetta and My Name is Pity are her most ignored performances. Anyone who saw her then already knew she was born to become an icon.

  16. I wonder what will be KSH new project under Culture Depot. They don’t seem to be active at the moment. But based from her IG pictures she actually visits CD office and LAB. Maybe it’s her personal choice. Just wishing to take her time very carefully in choosing her next project. Also, she said on her Singles interview how eager she wanted to try various role. I hope they give her thoughtful guidance just like the rest of her labelmates.

    • She lives as her characters so it takes a while to come out of it. Her characters are always believable because she becomes them but it means she needs to take time off to stop being the character. She has more freedom post her teen years and takes more time to choose new projects because she also wants to enjoy ordinary days. She’ll only do 1-2 projects at most per year but you can always trust in her to pick good projects and great roles. Everyone is curious to know what her first official project under Culture Depot will be.

      • Doing fewer projects now is fine since she already worked hard in her teens. Nobody sees her as a child actor and hasn’t for years so her transition has been very smooth and fast. If you look back post her popularity surge from Moon she didn’t do many child actor roles. People only her child actor roles of Moon, Miss You and Voice. Beyond that her other child actor roles have been in less popular dramas so her child actor image wasn’t overpowering. It’s a big advantage to her career and she has been able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Now that she has clearly established herself as a mature actress she doesn’t need to rush and do multiple projects anymore. Earning the baeksang nomination she would be flooded with offers so from various genres. This is great for her and she’s also been lucky to act with close age costars for almost all her adult roles. Except for Taecyeon and Dojoon all her costars have been only a few years older and the new surge in post 95 line actors will give her the opportunity to act with people even closer to her age. Not that it matters much she is the chemistry queen but working with peers also has its advantages. I predict her next venture will be modern drama that’s lighter than River Moon but still has some amount of seriousness to it. It might be mature college drama, fantasy thriller genre or an action drama.

  17. Yes, I’ve always thought that Kim So Hyun looks a lot like a young Han Ga In mixed with a little bit of Sung Yuri, that’s why I don’t know why she’s called Little Son Ye Jin instead. Maybe because of the same aura? But then again, Son Ye Jin and Han Ga In kind of look alike too lol

    All are very talented, but only some of them have that undeniable star quality, YSH, KSH, KYJ, YJG and maybe KHG. These are the future of KDramas, they just have to pick the right projects.

  18. Waiting eagerly for 2nd july will have to free all my schedules

    All this just for kim yoo jungs movie day
    Hurray! Cant contain my excitement for the horror movie

    This year is a treat to sosukes as we fans are getting daily dose from our girl either b it movie, dramas , CFs , variety show (HOW 2) and now press conference

    Already signed another movie (20th century girl)

    Our girl is busy and slaying this year

  19. @pale yellow I think you are right. As much as I want her to see her in a new drama,I am actually happy that she is taking time and enjoying time with her friends after that fiasco with her previous drama. I hope that her next drama will also be like RWTMR character wise. I won’t mind a college themed drama with kwak dong yeon.They are my OTP.I would love to see her with 97 liner as it is close to her age.

  20. @janice
    You are so right! Sso really doesn’t care about appearance and it’s very visible on her IG. Her acct is not what you call aesthetically pleasing, Like she’s still posting pictures with black background, yet that didn’t stop her 11.4M and growing followers?

    It’s actually what I really like about her. Her confidence that she’s beautiful enough to not pay attention what she looks like with anything and her simplicity. But what I really admire about KSH is her wisdom. One of the things I always look forward to in her every project are the interviews. The way she answered them were really thoughtful and wise and had me question her age several times?.

    • Its amazing her IG followers keep growing even when goes on 1.5 year long breaks and doesn’t post about her daily life or anything aesthetic. Half her posts are about her work and not even behind the scene stuff just still cuts and posters generic stuff. The other half is her dog Mongsuk and sometime she just posts blurry pics that nobody can understand. Shes simple and down to earth very humble and no airs. Still her aura is overpowering whenever shes on screen.

  21. Awe. My Yoojung-ah. You have grown up so well. And have come this far. You’ve endured the 17 years of you being in front of the camera. I watched you being the dongsaeng on the sets and now you are finally the noona So proud of you. Excited for “The 8th Night”, “Hong Chun Gi”, “Puppy,” and I hope you accept the role in “21st Century Girl”. ? Always slay my prettiest doll. ❤️

  22. I just realized that the comments here are mostly just over praising their bias and not really legit. Just saying. Much better to transfer reading on legit sites.

    • It’s the same one or two person posting obsessively. Fan hype is just noise. All that so-called star power but she doesn’t have any ratings hit to her name. All that so-called Hallyu popularity but her delusional stans couldn’t even win her the Baeksang popularity award. What a joke.

      • I see you can’t move on because last time the fanwar you’re expecting to happen didn’t happen. Did you honestly think that no one will recognize you after changing your username @whatever or should I say @Stirringthepot. You look like you’re so annoyed by the constant hyping but you bothered to click this article about her. What a joke.

  23. Honestly, KSH drama is like teen drama, not a good impact but like a junk food. She needs to take more serious role and stop being a romance goody two shoes or misunderstood antagonist/bad b.

    I like the girl but I am bored of her and can people stop deluding themselves that she has a hit drama. She is really well known but even Han So Hee is in mega hit drama. She has no dedicated drama in her name beside the good old the moon that embracing the sun.
    I am saying this because I like her and think that her career isn’t as good as people hyped her up. I can’t rewatch anything of her because it stale on the 2nd viewing and she hardly become the stars of her own drama.

    She is definitely not bad but this overpraised needs to stop.

    • Fans of any celebrity is going to overhype, even exaggerate, it’s a normal thing and not a big deal.

      It’s like a mother praising their children to the stars, it’s natural and I think fans can be hyperbolic as long as they don’t go after others

      • True. But you know what I’m a fan of Kim Yoo Jung and I’ve seen all the articles that she has in here. And the haters of her do love to go there and they will call out on us, the Sosukes. That we are hyping Yoojung, mocking us for praising her. When in fact they do that also with their faves and we never mocked them for that. I mean they have the right to compliment their faves but if it is the Sosuke towards Yoojung, they always have something to say. It’s just saddening. But well we can’t control the opinion of others

      • I agree, we can’t control others unfortunately . There will always be people out there who say not to do one thing but they do it themselves haha there’s no problem in showering who they like with praises. It’s like with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You naturally lavish them with praises even if others may not feel the same way. So I don’t understand why some people are bothered haha

    • Also noticed that and top of that, I wonder why she is taking a very long hiatus. Is she not getting offers? I doubt it is her personal choice of not taking on another drama. I think she is being avoided by casting teams? She is not even a big star yet, no ratings hit drama, and I think this long hiatus is not helping her career at all. Also include River Where Moon rises where she was outshined by her costar Na In Woo even though it was supposed to be female centric. Comparing her to Yoo jung, they both have the same level of popularity in Korea but I believe that Kyj has more star power in there. She has a total of 2 movies casting news this year, puppy and 20th centuty plus 1 movie, 8th night. And a drama Hong Chun Gi. And do not tell me that the reason KSH is not being casted is because of her high fee, that would be absurd ? because her peer could have higher fee domestically than her. Her fans are giving her high praises here to console themselves that their bias is now being overshadowed by the rising stars and other child actors.

      • I’m not sure how you are forming your theories because it’s not based on any substantial data or information.

        You don’t have to prop up one girl by looking down on another sister.

        If fans like to praise the celebrity they like, why do you need to sneer at them?

      • Some people just can’t stand others praising their bias when they are also doing the same. @randomthoughts KSH drama River only ended last April. It’s like 2 months and it is already a long hiatus? She’s being avoided by casting teams lol. What a conclusion. She was nominated best actress in a drama she was overshadowed. Okay? You need to enjoy your girl’s projects without dragging others down. That’s what decent people do.

      • @randomthoughts

        Yes our girl is doing good and we are all proud of her achievements

        But by bringing down ĶSH will it improve our girls abilities NO
        so why drag her

        U doing this is putting our fandom in a bad light

        If others r eating shit doesnt mean we have to do it as well

        Lets be content with our girls achievement without dragging others or else ill believe u to b a troll rather than a fan

      • @Rolly also her LAS2 aired last March. They almost saying that she doesn’t deserve a break. She is a college student too who’s physically attending university. It would only make the most sense that it’s her personal choice to turn down offers for now.

      • Not getting offers yet keeps get courted by the top most talent agency in South Korea months before her contract even ends. Sure if that helps you sleep at night. Girl is swimming in luxury products ever since she signed with CD and still gets to keep her shares from Kakao M so basically all their actors are making her richer without her lifting a finger. She actually does get paid more than your bias domestically and now that she signed with CD her fees are just going up. You clearly have no idea how much power and influence JJH and CD have over the entire industry not to mention Studio Dragon the most powerful production company in South Korea. Not getting offers? Please HCG was offered to KSH all the way back in June and she turned it down it was all over DC Gall how they wanted her in the drama. Take the leftover roles and stop trying to pretend you even matter.

      • @Jerem

        What can you do with influence and power of her agency when they can not even get a good role and project for her? With literally has no good brand attach to her name like FILA. Yikes, rumors in dcgall is now your legit source of news? Even suzy was rumored to play the female lead of Youngest Son of Sunyang and it was all around Dc but it turns out she was not the female lead at all. Keep deluding yourself because she will never get an offer from A lister directors maybe in your dreams.

      • As far as I know she just signed with Culture Depot. River was offered to her when she was still with her former agency. So your point about them not getting her good roles and project with their influence and power is a bit early. Why bother replying or even commenting when you will only be marked as a troll. It’s clear you’re only spouting hate. How about get a life and enjoy your bias overflowing movies and dramas and cfs. KSH have enough money to stay idle as much as she wants.

    • KSH as a teenager doing teen dramas! Shocking! She should have been playing a 30 year old at 17-19! How dare she do age appropriate roles and shed her image naturally! People who are jealous of KSH always come up with the randomest excuses to belittle her but she still remains more popular than your bias! She is literally the only one hard carrying all her dramas which even knetz have praised her for! They have nothing but praise for her acting and drama choices!

      • @bethan @jerem it seems some trolls purposely trying to create disturbance here and you are taking their bait.
        As that troll was pretending to b yoojung fan wanted to kindly intervene.
        My many comments dint appear so there might b repetitive comments

    • I agree with the overpraising but unless you are top billed or second billed you cannot say that you starred in a hit. WotM is Kim Hee-ae’s hit, not Han So-hee’s hit. As a sub-lead you’ll get opportunities starring in a hit work but you cannot claim credit for it. Simple as that.

  24. Out of all the child actors, KYJ is the most hardworking. She is slowly, steadily and humbly do her movie career even though it is just supporting roles. Maybe soon we can expect her to attend Blue Dragon and prestigious film awards. 2 movie casting news, 1 movie to be released and an upcoming drama plus so many CF attached to her name. Such a busy and relevant queen. She balances her acting and modeling career that no other in her generation can do. Rise our Kim Yoo Jung.

  25. I don’t understand what people actually wants. They will be saying she is greedy if she does many drama and are not happy even if she does 1 drama in a year.

    • Same. But what’s more funny is this one fan saying the others praising their idols over the top and then praising her idol just the same then a co fan already did the praise saying their idol is a perfect human being blah blah. People in this site are a bunch of clown. But I didn’t know that these fans of that perfect human being are as worst as others describe them to be. While the other fandom is as cringey as hell.

      • @hm
        Yes cringeworthy praise is what we fans do here and no one is stopping you from doing the same but it seems taking a dig at others is what you enjoy most.
        Yes yoo jung is the most perfect human being for me and no dig is going to make me believe otherwise so…….ciao

  26. I think one of the reason that Kim Yoo Jung got the role is not because of similarity with the face (though the shape and her eyes looks similar to Han Ga In) but the chemistry that she had with Yeo Jin Goo?

    I mean look at YeoYoo couple , they were the only child pairing that made it on the poll last 2020 of what pairing that Koreans would like to reunite again. Their chemistry was so strong that after 8 years it’s still being talked about.

    Maybe Kim So Hyun was also considered to play that role but she was given the other one because she did well on that antagonistic role. Though she had been paired with Yeo Jin Goo in Missing You after TMETS, it didn’t have that much buzz.

    But we should also consider the story. Maybe because the story of Lee Hwon and Yeonwoo is much more tragic than Jung-woo and Soo-yeon.

    And personally I wouldn’t have it the other way. I liked The Moon Embracing the Sun for Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung’s good portrayal of young love. And Kim Yoo Jung was absolutely beautiful and elegant in that drama.

      • Oh I’m sorry. I made a mistake. It is NOT a poll. But an article that features 6 couples in Insight Korea that fans wants to see again working together for their exploding chemistry.

        1. Hyunbin and Son Yejin (2020)
        2. Gongyoo and Han Jimin (2016)
        3. Song Joongki and Park Boyoung (2012)
        4. Park Seo-joon and Kim Jiwoon (2017)
        5. Kim Minjae and So Joyeon (2020)
        6. Yeo Jingoo and Kim Yoojung (2012)

        They were also put on the list of Women Sense but I wasn’t able to find the original post but it is reported in AllKpop on 2020. Here is the extract:

        “On the other hand, on the 8th of April 2020, Korea’s top women media, WomenSense, included the young pairing in their list of “Legendary child drama couples who should reunite again”.”

        I really hope they’ll reunite again. But Yeo Jin Goo wasn’t on House on Wheels 2 when Kim Yoo Jung guested. I feel like the universe doesn’t want them to reunite. ?

  27. @Jerem Hong Chun Gi was ONLY offered to Kim Yoo Jung. What lie are you saying? They even waited for KYJ to finished filming BR. And your bias talent fee is not that big compare to her peers. Don’t be delusional just because she transferred agency that housed JJH. Keep dreaming.

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