tvN Sat-Sun Mountain Climbing Drama Jirisan with Jeon Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon Premieres with Highest Weekend Ratings for Cable at 9.097%

This weekend is the premiere of new tvN Sat-Sun drama Jirisan (Mount Jiri) and boy was it a rollercoaster in K-ent during the week day before due to the scandal from the male lead of the previous drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha. Whatever the reason, it’s time to delve into the world of mountaineering and mountain rescue and Jirisan grabbed a whole lot of viewer attention in its Saturday premiere. The drama brought in 9.097% AGB nationwide ratings, the highest premiere for a cable drama in the weekend time slot ever. The only higher cable premiere of a drama was Hospital Playlist 2 which premiered in its Thursday time slot earlier this year with 10.007%. The third place in highest cable premiere is Mr. Sunshine with 8.852%, the Encounter (Boyfriend) in the fourth spot with 8.683%, and the fifth spot goes to Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen) at 8.0303%. Congrats to the cast and crew of Jirisan for setting a new record and as for the reviews from what I’ve seen online it’s mixed but leaning towards positive and interested from K-netz.


tvN Sat-Sun Mountain Climbing Drama Jirisan with Jeon Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon Premieres with Highest Weekend Ratings for Cable at 9.097% — 26 Comments

  1. I was shocked in when the time jumped to 2020, the conditions of the leads!? Why they became like that? Will the next episodes tells us about the 2 years before? Can’t wait for next episodes!

      • People are also criticising their acting. I saw it in sites like qoo and pann.
        Knetz are mostly hyping jun ji hyun’s visuals only

      • The previous drama a.k.a Homecha finale ending with a high rating + the hype for one of the most anticipated drama this year. That’s why 9.1 rating.

        Many are comparing this with sysiphus , for bad cgi where everything went downhill with each passing episodes. But i would say, we should wait for a while, this was just the pilot. So far the reactions from knetz aren’t that impressive

      • Didn’t Homcha end at 12% in the same slot? Previous lead-in dramas usually help immensely in getting and maintaining good ratings. Add the cast and writer in the mix and it’s no surprise that Jirisan is getting good ratings despite some criticism. If Jirisan keeps growing in ratings then it’d be its achievement.

  2. Just finished it, yeah the CG is really bad. And the english OST too it doesn’t fit with the mood of the drama. The pace is also a negative for me but it picked up during the last minutes

  3. Here we go, now people will pretend it’s the best drama ever since to kdrama fans, any mainstream content that’s successful in Korea= the best product ever. It was messy and badly directed but okay.

      • No, the drama is genuinely not good right now. I love Kim Eun Hee and Jeon Ji Hyun, who even are you determining my likes? I don’t overhype everything my favs work on. A badly directed and messy product is such no matter the cast. Ratings =/= good content. The director was getting dragged by a film director yesterday, clearly others have noticed the problems too. Can you move past “you must dislike this because you dislike the cast” mentality? What are we, in high school? I dislike something because of the demerit of the project itself. I can easily say the same, most of kdrama fans like something because of a popular cast or Korean ratings.

  4. The first episode ratings are as expected considering the star power but the question is if the ratings will rise constantly, stagnate or drop. I haven’t seen the episode yet but the feedback has been mixed and the general consensus is the directing is messy even the beauty inside’s pd called out the bad directing which made the actor look bad. The trailers have been all over the place and very messy so I’m not surprised at the mixed reactions. Let’s see how things progress from here.

  5. It’s interesting how the dramas that miss koala mentioned (barring mr. Sunshine), couldn’t become top rated dramas of cable tv despite having such impressive premier episode ratings.
    Jirisan might be an exception and can finally make a new record.

    • I think its actually better when a drama premieres modestly and then grows rather than starting off with high ratings that don’t sustain themselves. It means it couldn’t keep people’s interest or the quality declined over its run. We’ll see how this fares.

  6. “Unexpected” is the word…pleasantly surprised by all the twists. I think it’s a drama that you should watch without knowing the storyline/synopsis in advance and definitely no spoilers.

  7. I watched the premier episode and I can say that the ending go through me. It definitely needs improvement when it comes to the CGI and music background but overall it was a good episode for me. The nature shots were great! It makes we want to go and visit Jirisan. I was a bit hesitant with this show because this is the first kdrama I’ve watched about mountains and park rangers. Some scenes are pretty concerning but story wise I can’t judge it yet for just one episode. We’ll see.

  8. Back in k-dramaland bec of this. CGI aside, I love everything about the first episode. Even RSR’s narration. Can’t wait for tonight’s.

  9. To me it was gud and the twist in end made sure we watch again. Jun ji hyun looking like a queen she is and noone can pull stunts better than her. It will be blockbuster hit. Bcoz story is getting good start. People who wamt to watch art mpvies ot shows, it is not for them. It is like commercial cinemam which is worth your money

  10. CGI was hilariously bad, and some music choices were highly questionable but I really enjoy it so far, the twists are making me really interested to see how this goes. I don’t find the rescuing scenes boring, they’re kinda unrealistic but I liked them. The entire time I was thinking of how hard it must have been for the crew to film this. But seriously they should resolve those problems before it ruins the viewing experience.

  11. Honestly they could have done without the first 50 mins and just keep the last 20 mins because the beginning added very little to the ending. The coma part actually reminded me of let’s fight ghost when kim so hyun was a wandering spirit while in a coma it feels a bit similar to that. Assuming ju ji hoon is the one leaving the messages then he must be wandering like her ghost character because in the beginning they said that jirisan is between the land of the dead and living. He already had some kind of supernatural ability so its possible after he went into a coma he is travelling between worlds. They kept using the word signal so I’m curious if it’ll also have an across time kind of element to it.

  12. I’m so happy for Go Min Si to be on this drama, acting along such established and stellar veterans! I’m her fan since Love Alram, and to watch her evolution has been a treat. Glad to see her talent recognized and her career growing. Fighting!

  13. Aww so another lost opportunity to make something good with stellar leads? They should have employed a second PD who is an expert in outdoor and action scenes, for those outdoor scenes. Re off musical scoring, yeah,,much like sisyphus, I wonder why their choice of english songs to use is off

  14. I surprised by all the griping about the directing. I loved the ambitious directing and will definitely keep watching. I’m already hooked on the plot.

    I do agree with criticisms of the soundtrack. One of the songs used with random English lyrics was especially terrible.

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