Movie Version of The Beauty Inside Director Baek Jong Yeol Criticizes the Poor Directing of PD Lee Eun Bok in tvN Drama Jirisan Before Deleting Instagram Post Hours Later

Oooooh pass me the popcorn now chingus! This is the type of shady beef I love because no harm done and just lots of juicy industry cattiness. Yesterday was the Saturday premiere of tvN action suspense drama Jirisan (Mount Jiri) which set a new premiere ratings record for the weekend time slot in terms of cable dramas. I saw the K-netizen reviews which were mixed but leaned towards more positive feedback, but then the K-netizens all ran over to navel gaze at a director to director shading. The Beauty Inside movie version director Baek Jong Yeol has an active Instagram where he’s very vocal about K-ent projects from dramas to movies to art, and last night he watched the Jirisan premiere and then posted an Insta straight up critiquing Jirisan PD Lee Eun Bok. He said “The first episode (from my standards), this quality is the problem of the PD and is the reason for Jirisan. Filming the actors to come across as bad at acting, it must be magic, but if it was filmed this way intentionally then I’m sorry.” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s rare for a fellow director to so openly shade another director’s work and hours after Director Baek posted the Insta he deleted it so it’s not there anymore. I still need to watch Jirisan, waiting to do both episodes at once but PD Lee Eun Bok is has a huge resume of successful dramas including Goblin, Mr. Sunshine, Descendants of the Sun, Sweet Home, Secret Love, School 2013, and Dream High, so if I were him I’d just brush it aside.


Movie Version of The Beauty Inside Director Baek Jong Yeol Criticizes the Poor Directing of PD Lee Eun Bok in tvN Drama Jirisan Before Deleting Instagram Post Hours Later — 18 Comments

  1. LEB received criticism for his directing in Sweet Home too so this is actually two in a row for him. The directing was quite bad. Half the drama was scenic time lapse national geographic shots which no matter how pretty doesn’t erase the very poor camera work and transitions between scenes. The acting was awkward and the bad vfx made the awkward acting stand out even more. Not to mention the weird choice of music which was inserted very inappropriately in some scenes.

  2. Wow it’s my first time seeing a director openly shade a colleague… But if you watched the premiere you will see why. I think this director just doesn’t know how to properly make an action film. The way the action sequences were filmed made my head spin. His style isn’t a fit for Kim Eun Hee’s script. I didn’t like his directing for Sweet Home either.

  3. I think the music director deserves criticism too, I was speechless when I heard some English pop song playing out of nowhere. It completely ruined the atmosphere. What an injustice to Kim Eun Hee’s script, they better fix some of these problems before it ruins the ratings.

  4. I also felt that the directing was not as good as in Mr.Sunshine..but I’m not an expert so I just brush it aside. Although when everyone complaining about bad CGI, I didn’t even realize it, I just annoyed at how the camera works, too many shaking, rotating and a couple upside down shots. In action scenes it’s not unusual if the camera shaking so I’m not too complaining. But with nature shots it felt too much…the view was already pretty, no need for rotating/upside down taking.

  5. I’ve just watched the 1st episode and I must say I’m surprised at the high-rating it got. The episode is very boring (except for the last 5 minutes), the directing is terrible, the music is weird, the acting of both the leads also leaves much room for improvement. The CGI is bad too but I’m not too bothered by that.

  6. new to posting a comment but it wasn’t even that bad. i think this is the first time that there’s a kdrama that talks about the lives of mountain rangers so of course, you can’t expect it to be perfect. just give it a chance. the music was questionable too since they played a random pop song lol i’m waiting for jin’s ost too. but for the cgi, i could get past that. i’ve seen worse cgi effects in kdramas and jirisan still has room for improvement. it’s only the first episode soooo…

    • I definitely saw some questionable use of CGI. But more than that I snorted when the teams rushed off for the search. I mean which search and rescue team rushes off without checking equipment and personnel? The only people I see rushing are those on S & R choppers. Yes- equipment check is important. Fyi I did attended debriefs before when people rushed off and there were issues with missing vital equipment because it was not restocked from the previous rescue.

      So there. That first off made me leery. So when they were rappelling rapidly down the cliffs? I went ” omg, if the kid fell down that height they would have died .” Well not all die as we do see people with just serious injuries. But heck yeah they way they were organizing the search grids made me groan. So much dramatics.

  7. The shooting looks so dangerous though, So scary, so I expected from some not so perfect Camera Shoot. It will be awsome if managed by someone with major talent like Kim Jin Won.

    But nevertheless… How the heck Jo Han Cul keep playing in another Weekend TVN drama ? He is playing in Vincenzo and Hometown Cha Cha CHa before. And He is now shooting for JTBC Song Joong KI drama. Is He workaholic or something, kkk?

  8. Okay after watching the 2nd episode, that was WAYYY better. Acting, music and directing wise. I suspect the first ep was edited last minute or something. Didn’t have the best first impression but now that the story’s picking up, I’ll be tuning in. You can trust Kim Eun Hee’s writing.

  9. I didn’t like the directing either but then I’m of the unpopular opinion that his directing was meh in Goblin, DOTS and Sweet Home too.

  10. After watching both episodes it feels like there’s only 10-15 mins of actual plot per episode and the rest is all filler. I’m still amazed at the lack of actual character introductions. They just keep throwing random people at you expecting you to just go with it.

  11. That is so rude and unprofessional. There is nothing wrong with genuine professional critique but he just sounds like a salty, vindictive troll. I notice from his filmography Baek Jong-yul hasn’t directed anything worth a damn since “The Beauty Inside” so maybe he is just jealous

  12. Yeah the CGI weren’t great but once you start watching Thai lakorn and their version of CGI , believe me this still looks like master level of excellence lol As for that director, he does need to improve. It’s pretty bad when a fellow PD drags you like that. It doesn’t seem to affect them much since the 2nd episode already got double digits.

  13. This director love fillers, abuse use if fillers. Good thing in digital age, you can watch it fast forward.

    Goblin – should only have 8 episodes – I managed to finished after 5 years. I am still confused why this drama was so popular back then.
    Mr Sunshine – I am still stuck in ep 6, such a pretentious production. Goblin, DOTS, Jirisan are all pretentious productions but nothing can be more pretentious than Mr Sunshine.
    DOTS – though the couple ended up in divorce in real life, but no one can deny the OTP chemistry back then plus the second leads chemistry was even better than the OTP
    Jirisan – 1st 2 episodes have lots of fillers with very little substance but the thrill and chemistry may keep audience.

    It’s obvious that the production has abundance of resources to waste.

  14. Oh oh. This sounds familiar. I’m fully expecting the word pretentious to be flung all over the place for an expensive tvn drama. Lol. Someone was dissing drama for going straight to iqiyi instead of being shown on Netflix. Now we know why. Still early days. The supporters like peanut brain will say it will surpass Vincenzo & Mr Queen this year. Hold the doom peeps.

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