Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Lead the Cast of Gu Family Book at Script Reading

Wahhhh, my baby Lee Seung Gi is back! And baby looks adorable! Aish, I’m going to be even more of a goner once he dons sageuk garb and unleashes his half man-half beast side in the upcoming fantasy period drama Gu Family Book (or The Book of the House of Gu). The drama is scheduled to premiere in early April on MBC Mon-Tues after the end of Horse Doctor, which means MBC is really on a sageuk roll for that time slot. The cast held its script reading session recently and we see the leads and even some high-profile cameos there. Seung Gi’s co-star is the idol-actress Suzy, who is making her sageuk debut in a big way as the lead rather than a secondary character to cut her teeth on first. That does worry me (a lot), but I like Suzy enough on her onscreen charm that even if she’s shaky with the sageuk diction and acting I think I can bear it. Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk are guest-starring as the parents of Lee Seung Gi’s character, who was born from a high-class lady-turned gisaeng and an immortal deity. Talk about a romance that is totally doomed to end in heartache from the get go. He discovers his true parentage and vows to become fully human and embarks on this quest. Apparently he has super powers, in that when he gets angry he does the K-drama version of Hulk out or have super strength. Suzy’s character is described as a very enterprising young swordswoman and instructor at a martial arts studio. Ooooog, they can totally have knock-down, drag-out fights when they get angry at each other. Lee Sung Jae has been cast as the big bad, and the two second leads are Yoo Yoon Seok and Han Chae Ah. Forever lovely Jung Hye Young also joins the cast playing the head of a gisaeng house. Love how fabulous she’s going to look in this drama. It’s been ages since I’ve loved a sageuk completely (Arang and the Magistrate was awesome for the first half, and similar The Moon Embraces the Sun also had the same trajectory) and I really need some slow burn and gorgeousness to fill that void. Gu Family Book, don’t you dare let me down! Continue reading