My Love Eun Dong Releases Three Webisodes Teasing Old-school Romance

Oh wow, I think this one might just work for me. Falling for Innocence wrapped up its run on jTBC this past week but the follow up drama My Love Eun Dong got a jump start on airing by releasing three short webisodes online to tease the audience. It worked on me, the whole thing gives off an old-fashioned innocent romance vibe, but without the cheesy aspects that permeated the older Hallyu style dramas. Adult leads Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang show up to bookend the webisodes which focus on the teen era and twenties era relationship of the two main characters.

The drama also released lovely posters with two distinct vibes, the group one is bright and warm with the various pairs in happier times hanging out, while the OTP one is much more melancholy and hints at the dynamic of the romance with Kim Sa Rang looking out into the distance and Joo Jin Mo sadly nestled on her shoulder. Normally this type of decades long eternal romance is too improbable for my tastes but right now I’m actually in the mood for a pure love type of story. Check it out for yourself below as all the available webisodes have been handily subbed already. Continue reading