My Love Eun Dong Releases Three Webisodes Teasing Old-school Romance

Oh wow, I think this one might just work for me. Falling for Innocence wrapped up its run on jTBC this past week but the follow up drama My Love Eun Dong got a jump start on airing by releasing three short webisodes online to tease the audience. It worked on me, the whole thing gives off an old-fashioned innocent romance vibe, but without the cheesy aspects that permeated the older Hallyu style dramas. Adult leads Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang show up to bookend the webisodes which focus on the teen era and twenties era relationship of the two main characters.

The drama also released lovely posters with two distinct vibes, the group one is bright and warm with the various pairs in happier times hanging out, while the OTP one is much more melancholy and hints at the dynamic of the romance with Kim Sa Rang looking out into the distance and Joo Jin Mo sadly nestled on her shoulder. Normally this type of decades long eternal romance is too improbable for my tastes but right now I’m actually in the mood for a pure love type of story. Check it out for yourself below as all the available webisodes have been handily subbed already.

My Love Eun Dong – The Beginning episode 1:

My Love Eun Dong – The Beginning episode 2:

My Love Eun Dong – The Beginning episode 3:


My Love Eun Dong Releases Three Webisodes Teasing Old-school Romance — 25 Comments

  1. Oh, this one really looks good, thanks for sharing.
    Although, even only by looking at the OTP poster, I’m tearing up already, it’ll be a sad sad story maybe, at least for the adults.

  2. This wasn’t even on my radar but I’m sold. It seems very romantic and, since we’ve a pretty good idea of what happened, can we just skip to the adult years? Also, is the third teaser in French only?

    • I thought the same at first from the synopsis and was going to check on it only the actors’sake, but if you watch the teasers and the web episodes, you’d find out it’s anything but boring.

    • The drama LOOKS boring but in reality it’s the opposite. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that it’s the most promising drama atm.

  3. I wasn’t interesting by it at first, but after watching the short episodes, I’m hooked, it’s innocent without being cheesy, bold without being untasteful and can we talk about the directing? Who’s the PD? What a talent we have here. But they sure show a lot from the drama? Will all these scenes be in the actual drama? Or JJM and KSR will have the majority of the screentime (not that I’m against though, can’t wait for the adults to come out)

  4. The actor who played young Hyun-soo reminded a little of Kim Soo-hyun in Will It Snow For Christmas.

    And hot dang Joo Jin-mo! That strut! That confidence! I might just have to check it out once he appears for good.

    • I REALLY know how talented he is and all, but… OMG, he’s so handsome that his strong, manly features transcend any racial barrier. He’s one of the most good-looking actors I’ve ever seen in my life(and since I’ve seen lots of them I’m not superficial, I’m just drooling all over^^)!!

      • do you mean the one that act in highschool, the youngest pair? I always thought he has the PERFECT look, but its too bad he’s not as popular as he should be.

  5. I was wowed by the short trailer, it seems very sweet and I’m totally in the mood for old-school romance (without much makjang plots). I’m okay about the cast, not a fan of any of them but the drama seems lovely and worth checking out.

  6. Watching for Joon Jin Mo!!! It looks good, so excited! Im foregoing current dramas to focus on a mega drama marathon for the next few weeks.

    I neeed to finally finish watching a bunch of dramas I let fall to the wayside but i will make an exception for this one!!! I’m so in the mood for old school romance drama!

  7. Nope, it’s gonna be a 5-episode webdrama. 4 episodes are already released on Naver, and I think the last one’s gonna be released on Friday of this week.

  8. Well, they had me at JJM… so I will be watching just to see how this one plays out. I just hope no terminal illness… that is the trope that drove me so crazy from the dramas of yesteryear.

  9. The pacing seems a bit slow, but I’m piqued. Having longish teasers certainly hooked me enough to check out the actual show when it airs. And damn, the second teaser left me almost teary-eyed. 🙁

    • There’s an [Engsub by JNG] of the video running at 16.22 min. Try googling for it. Not sure if I’m allowed to post link here. cheers! 🙂

  10. I didn’t find ep. 4 of the web version with subs unfortunately, meanwhile ep. 5 was also released today. But even without subs it looks way more entertaining than I thought it would be.
    Thank god, JinMo’s character is very far from the stoic, silently suffering hero I imagined he’ll be (again!) So far, so good. Waiting for the premiere.

  11. Seems good. hope it’s not tragic. waiting for the mature chemistry and hope the plot is interesting. JJM is great and i hope that unlike EK he will get the girl in the end lol..

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