Winter Tis the Season for Swoony K-drama Male Leads to Warm Up Their Leading Lady with Various Tender Techniques

I’ve been shuffling around the house a lot this winter because I don’t want to bundle up like I’m a squashmallow or turn on the heater and dry out my skin, but it really is cold from the bones out at times. It would be nice to have an alternative source of warmth like the Swoony male leads offer in K-drama romances, but of course one could not get anything done if one is being hugged, draped, handheld, etc. through the day lol. Here are a few patented K-drama warm up techniques from various K-dramas that just make me mentally feel warm when I see it: there is the jacket draped back hug, the two hands in pocket, the sitting in front of a fire, the proffering of a warm beverage, the scarf tie, and of course the warm breath on hand. I’m sure when I’m cold Mr. Koala will only ever grab a jacket from my closet or the car (if we are out) and tell me to put it on hahaha, so effective and so non-swoony.

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K-netizens Recommend Six Low Rated When it Aired But Quality K-dramas Including Be Melodramatic and Bubblegum

If there is a lull in your drama watching right now with currently airing K-dramas, this is a great list to go look for some oldies but goodies. Even I skipped a few of these listed when it first aired … Continue reading