K-netizens Recommend Six Low Rated When it Aired But Quality K-dramas Including Be Melodramatic and Bubblegum

If there is a lull in your drama watching right now with currently airing K-dramas, this is a great list to go look for some oldies but goodies. Even I skipped a few of these listed when it first aired and always meant to go back and watch after hearing good reviews. K-netizens have assembled six K-dramas that were all very low rated or flew under the radar when it first aired but are now regarded as quality works with high watch value. It includes: Be Melodramatic, Bubblegum, Just Between Lovers for the romance fare, Yoona’s Street for the human quirky story, and Kairos and 365: Repeat the Year if you’re in the mood for twisty supernatural stories. Anything else folks want to recommend in the low rated but awesome catgory?

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