K-netizens Recommend Six Low Rated When it Aired But Quality K-dramas Including Be Melodramatic and Bubblegum

If there is a lull in your drama watching right now with currently airing K-dramas, this is a great list to go look for some oldies but goodies. Even I skipped a few of these listed when it first aired and always meant to go back and watch after hearing good reviews. K-netizens have assembled six K-dramas that were all very low rated or flew under the radar when it first aired but are now regarded as quality works with high watch value. It includes: Be Melodramatic, Bubblegum, Just Between Lovers for the romance fare, Yoona’s Street for the human quirky story, and Kairos and 365: Repeat the Year if you’re in the mood for twisty supernatural stories. Anything else folks want to recommend in the low rated but awesome catgory?

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2015 Korea Drama Awards Has Misaeng and Heard it Through the Grapevine Getting Most Nods

On the even of the Seoul Drama Awards, another Korean awards show has released its nominees list for 2015 dramas and the result is a decidedly mixed bag. While I agree with the nominations for Heard it Through the Grapevine … Continue reading

Ji Sung and a Handful of Worthy Cable Dramas Get Nods at the 2015 Seoul Drama Awards

There weren’t a lot of Korean dramas or entertainers that made it onto the just released short list of nominees for this year’s 10th annual Seoul International Drama Awards, which fetes television programs from around the world in addition to homegrown K-dramas. … Continue reading