Ha Ji Won, Joo Ji Hoon, and Ki Hong Lee Offered Lead Roles in Big-budget K-drama Prometheus

When I heard of this upcoming K-drama I almost keeled over from laughing too hard. I can’t even K-ent is still trying to do a tense big-budget politics and war themed drama after failing so many times prior. IRIS is probably the pinnacle of execution and a tight story line but then it had plenty of flaws, not to mention successors like Athena: God of War and IRIS 2 with the most LOL ending ever. Get ready now for Prometheus: War of Fire, a ginormous budget K-drama produced by JL Media with funding by Netflix.

Lead offers are out to Ha Ji Won, Joo Ji Hoon, and Korean-American movie star Ki Hong Lee. It’s the story of North Korea’s attempt to launch an attack on the United States, which does seem timely but it’s hard to put something that feels likely into the context of fictional K-drama renditions. Ha Ji Won will be playing a top South Korean intelligence agent, Joo Ji Hoon a North Korean exiled military soldier, and Ki Hong Lee is up for the role of a CIA officer, with the story revolving around North Korea’s top nuclear scientist disappearing in Pakistan and all the interested parties send their top officers there to find him. The drama aims to start filming in May and will air on KBS. Continue reading