Director of Upcoming Comedy Movie Killing Romance Tells Audiences to Watch My Ahjusshi Now Because After KR Comes Out Viewers Will Won’t See Lee Seon Kyun the Same Way Again

So this is a brilliant way to promote the upcoming movie Killing Romance, but linking it to another great project and making hilariously over-the-top statements. Much as the movie looks, super wild and wacky. Killing Romance stars Lee Seon Kyun and Honey Lee in what looks like a K-version of a Stephen Chow classic movie from the 90’s, with likely lots of non-PC elements thrown in to boot. The director during a recent interview extolled viewers to watch hit tvN drama My Ahjusshi (My Mister) now before the movie comes out because after that one will never be able to watch Lee Seon Kyun in My Ahjusshi and not break character. That may be true but that only cements how amazing and versatile an actor Lee Seon Kyun is, as if anyone thought otherwise.

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