Rookie Actor Kim Min Gwi to be Mostly Cut from Currently Airing Drama Nevertheless After Ex-girlfriend of 6 Years Accuses Him of Cheating with Multiple Women and Violating COVID Restrictions

Model turned actor Kim Min Gwi is such a rookie that his three drama and one movie credit are all from 2021, from a one scene role in She Would Never Know to a small part in L.U.C.A.: The Beginning to now a supporting male lead role in Nevertheless. Netizens actually like his character and relationship with supporting female lead Yang Hye Ji in Nevertheless better than the lead OTP so the news that he’s getting mostly cut and his scenes diminished in the remaining episodes of the drama due to a fast and furious ex-girlfriend reveal of his personal character. She dated him for 6 years and during that time he repeated cheated on her with many women including one-night stands. She also claimed that he’s been flippant with COVID-19 restrictions and had close contact with someone who got it and was supposed to self-quarantine but instead lied and went out and cheated on her again. He actually did get COVID-19 in May during filming of Nevertheless so it kinda rings true. He released a handwritten letter admitting the cheating allegations and apologizing, but denying the COVID rule breaking claims. The production of Nevertheless is acting fast and announced that he will be basically cut from the drama, his scenes deleted and minimized to the highest degree possible without affecting the story. So, uhm, hi and bye I guess, it was a short ride dude.

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