J-movie Lupin the Third with Oguri Shun, Jerry Yan and Kim Joon Drops Kickass Official Movie Trailer

By all that is holy in the realm of fan-fiction, how the hell did this cast get assembled for the upcoming live-action adaptation of the classic shonen manga Lupin the Third? I posted the teaser trailer and first character posters a few months back and it already looked so fabulous I was ready to don my burgundy velvet jacket and tight pants to shimmy and shake along with Oguri Shun‘s titular character. Then comes the official trailer this week along with the full cast list confirmation and I’ve died and gone to some alternate Hana Yori Dango Heaven. Playing the baddie and a side character in this drama are none other than two other actors in various HanaDan adaptations. Jerry Yan is making an acting return in a big way after two years of radio silence, he’s not going for tortured love in the currently airing C-drama Loving, Never Forgetting, he’s also joining Lupin the Third playing a bad guy character called Michael Lee. Let’s never forget that Jerry played the Taiwan version of Domyouji Tsukasa (called Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden) while Oguri Shun was the Japanese version of Hanazawa Rui in HanaDan. To add more HanaDan crossover, Korean actor Kim Joon will be in Lupin the Third as well playing a computer whiz that’s part of the thievery squad. Kim Joon played the Akira character in Boys Before Flowers and didn’t do much since after going away to the army for two years and then quietly returning. It’ll be good to see three out of four HanaDan male leads in this movie just for kicks. With the Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean versions represented, all that’s missing is finding the Chinese version of Soujiro to fully complete the mismatched set. Continue reading