Chinese-speaking Stars Working in K-ent All Post Support for China and Hong Kong Police in the Hong Kong Democracy Protests

I don’t know if I’m disappointed because this is what was expected. With the Hong Kong democracy protests well into two months with no signs of stopping, all signs point to Mainland China escalating it’s countermeasures to curtail and end the movement. Chinese, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese stars who are working in K-ent as K-pop idols this week all collectively posted the same supporting message “I support the Hong Kong police. You can all hit me.” that was posted by the Beijing government run People’s Daily newspaper.

Those in support include Got7‘s Jackson Wong who is actually from Hong Kong and Lai Kuan Lin of Wanna One originally from Taiwan, and of course the Mainland Chinese born Zhang Yi Xin (Lay) the sole Chinese member of EXO left, Song Qian (Victoria Song) of f(x), Cosmic Girl‘s Cheng Xiao, Zhou Jie Qiong (Kyulkyung) of Pristin, and many more. The whole situation seems like it’s headed for a big denouement in some fashion or another and for now all the K-pop Chinese-speaking contingent have made their positions clear – supporting the Chinese government position against the Hong Kong protests. Continue reading

Gong Hyo Jin and Heechul Join Top C-stars at 2015 Fashion Cosmo Gala

The stars were out in full style (good, bad, and weird) at the 2015 Fashion Cosmo Gala in Shanghai this week. There were plenty of industry renowned fashion plates present such as idol Show Luo, just married Angelababy, model-actress Bea Hayden … Continue reading