Adorable Janine Chang and Peter Ho Reunite for Web Melodrama Le Jun Kai

Consider me one of the doubters who was thoroughly converted by the unexpected chemistry of Janine Chang and Peter Ho. Both have been long-standing Taiwan idol drama staples but with all the musical chairs pairing somehow they never worked together until Ring Ring Bell in 2011. That year also saw Janine and Mike He charm my socks and shoes off in Sunny Happiness, so I was even more doubtful that she could make onscreen magic with Peter, who I always saw as rather smarmy. Summer Desire totally didn’t help dispel that notion and only cemented it further. But within one episode of RRB I became a believer – he made her warm and caring, she made him relaxed and sincere. They both do period dramas as well so I was hoping they could work together in a different genre like a period drama, so my wish was partially answered when it was announced that they were pairing up again to film a web melodrama. They got to work together, but the melodrama genre is the same as what RRB turned into. Adapted from famed C-writer Fei Wo Si Cun‘s short novella Le Jun Kai, the story centers around a vengeful man who marries the daughter of the man he is seeking revenge on. He torments her and drives her away, only to meet again years later and discover that he really fell in love with her all along. She’s been raising their son all alone and the story centers around how they reconcile and learn to forgive and move forward. This sounds so typical Fei Wo Si Cun narrative, she is of course famous for the blackmail-rape-hate-love hot mess that was Sealed with a Kiss, and the pointlessly plodding The Girl in Blue. The web drama will consist of 7 episodes for a total of 120 minutes so that is totally doable for me. Check out the few pictures from filming which also confirm that Peter and Janine’s chemistry is still all there. The little boy who plays their son is adorable, and I’m further convinced they will always play a couple who deals with a little kid since Janine had an adopted daughter in RRB. The web drama will be released in the Spring so I’ll be on the look out. Hopefully the directing is pretty enough I can overlook the sure to be headdesk worthy storyline. Continue reading