Wang Yibo’s Patriotic Republic Era C-drama War of Faith is a Surprise Solid Hit Contending with Bigger Budget Buzzier Xianxia C-drama Legend of Shen Li with Former Costar Zhao Li Ying

I always believe the entertainment world in any industry is big enough for multiple hits at the same time, not everything is a zero sum game and BarbenHeimmer shows that sometimes it a net positive gain for all involved. The Wang Yibo starring republic era communist party patriotic C-drama War of Faith (formerly Golden Journey) has turned into a black horse hit despite being air dropped and not getting much attention and promos. It’s doing well in on terrestrial big network CCTV and also getting decent streaming viewa of iQiyi. It’s getting compared to xianxia C-drama Legend of Shen Li with Zhao Li Ying with its massive budget and promos and it’s actually just a shade below Shen Li in buzz. It’s also being spoken about in the same context as Wang Yibo and Zhao Li Ying previously starred together in Legend of Fei which was a big disappoint for both. Glad to see their current dramas garnering its own buzz and success and the more the merrier.

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