Republic Era Spy C-drama War of Faith with Wang Yibo and Li Qin is the First Big Hit for iQiyi Streaming in 2024 as it Wraps Run

C-drama War of Faith (Wind Chaser) is about to wrap its fun and turns out a drama that was air dropped with barely any promos is the surprise big hit of 2024. Starring Wang Yibo and Li Qin, it’s a republic era communist party during the war drama that was filmed awhile ago and seemed to be one of those stock rah rah CCP leaning dramas. Despite airing in a very competitive end of March period with so many other C-dramas available to watch, War of Faith has managed to become iQiyi‘s biggest drama of 2024 breaking 10,000 index and also the first streaming spy genre drama ever to break that milestone. It’s also getting strong reviews for acting, directing, script and in particular Wang Yibo is probably getting the best reviews of his career. Not award winning level praise but just that he’s doing a really good job in the role and not letting his idol status be a roadblock to bringing to life a three dimensional character.

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Wang Yibo’s Patriotic Republic Era C-drama War of Faith is a Surprise Solid Hit Contending with Bigger Budget Buzzier Xianxia C-drama Legend of Shen Li with Former Costar Zhao Li Ying

I always believe the entertainment world in any industry is big enough for multiple hits at the same time, not everything is a zero sum game and BarbenHeimmer shows that sometimes it a net positive gain for all involved. The … Continue reading