Filming to Start in December 2022 for Xianxia Drama Hidden God with Jing Bo Ran and Zhao Lu Si and Second Male Lead Lin Yun Rui Reuniting From Love Like the Galaxy

I see a theme but don’t know if its intentional or coincidental. Casting is finalized (waiting for official announcement) for the upcoming C-drama adaptation of the web novel Hidden God (Shen Yin 神隐) which is the sequel to the novel that was made into the drama Ancient Love Poetry. The male lead in Hidden God is the son of the two leads in Love Poetry and will be played by Jing Bo Ran (an earlier lead mentioned Cheng Yi) and the female lead will be Zhao Lu Si. Like Love Poetry pairing together a star from one gen (Zhou Dong Yu) with another from this gen (Xu Kai), the same is here but gender reversed with Jin Bo Ran and Zhao Lu Si. Jing Bo Ran’s biggest hit was from 2015 with Monster Hunt and his last drama Psychologist with Yang Zi has just a 5.1 on Douban and didn’t make a splash or lasting impression. He’s also 34 years old and the male lead is written as just 16 year old in the novel which potentially creates the same potential problem as Love Poetry which is Zhou Dong Yu just didn’t look or sell the part of the playful teen goddess. But an interesting addition is Lin Yun Rui playing the second male lead here and will be reuniting with Zhao Lu Si as he played second male lead Yuan Shen in Love Like the Galaxy with her.

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