C-actor Jing Bo Ran Reportedly Departs Soon to Film Xianxia C-drama Hidden God with Zhao Lu Si, Netizens Think Either Wu Lei or Wang Yi Bo May Step in to Save the Production

Well this is a totally juicy “what the hell happened behind the scenes” rumored casting scuffle. Today an entertainment blogger claimed that reputable sources are saying that C-actor Jing Bo Ran has “ran off” from the soon to start filming xianxia drama Hidden God. What is he a runaway bride lol! He was confirmed last month and the filming was on the eve of starting so netizens think he’s upset that his fandom and Zhao Lu Si‘s fandom got into a fight over who should have top billing. While Zhao Lu Si is now a popular ’95 flower but Jing Bo Ran was an top star way before her popularity surge. Or maybe he simply no longer thought it was the right role for him. The rumor also says that a W-last name actor will step in as last minute replacement and C-netizens think it’s either Wu Lei or Wang Yi Bo. Additional W-named actors include Dylan Wang (Wang He Di) and Wang An Yu, with thankfully Wu Yi Fan gone from the industry. This is a developing story so it’s all fast moving gossip right now.

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