High Profile Period C-dramas Forbidden Love and Back From the Brink are Supposedly on Deck for December 2022 Airing

I continue to believe it when I see it with upcoming C-drama airings but it’s useful to check in occasionally. For December 2022, there are a slew of on deck dramas both period and modern, more modern ones but for the higher profile period C-dramas there are Forbidden Love with Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi as well as Back From the Brink with Hou Ming Hao and Zhou Ye. Both have been done filming for quite some time and especially Forbidden Love it’s been teased to air for months now and makes sense to strike while the iron is still flaming hot on Dylan’s popularity after Love Between Fairy and Devil. I’m interested in both and honestly please at least drop a big period C-drama by year end for me to watch during the holiday break.

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