First Official Stills of C-drama Legend of the Female General with Zhou Ye and Cheng Lei as it Wraps Filming

Well C-actor Cheng Lei certainly has parlayed his chemistry laden supporting male lead turn in My Journey to You last you into an even smexier male lead upgrade in the just finished filming period C-drama Legend of the Female Lead. With that title and top billed female lead Zhou Ye as a strong female-centric story, I’m here for Cheng Lei to see if he can hold the court as male lead and whether he can do more than just plot and brood beautifully. The drama released its first official stills this week to celebrate the end of filming after five months and these two leads definitely deliver in visuals separately and together.

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Zhou Ye and Lu Yu Xiao Both Did Costume Fittings and Screen Tests Before the Female Lead Selection of Legend of the Female General Opposite Cheng Lei

Well this is a legit competition and I’m glad to see it was a decision made that went down to the final selection. Last week it was announced that Zhou Ye and Cheng Lei would headline the C-drama adaptation of … Continue reading

Period C-drama Scent of Time Premieres to Decent Reviews but Female Lead Zhou Ye Gets Dogged by Usual Stiff Acting Criticism and Saddled with Incongruous Voice Dubbing

So there’s a new period C-drama that premiered last few days, Scent of Time with Zhou Ye and Wang Xing Yue. That Zhou Ye already gets first billing is pretty funny to me, don’t get me wrong she’s so cute … Continue reading

C-ent Upcoming Dramas Drop Romantic New Posters Celebrating 2023 Chinese Valentine’s Day on Lunar 7/7 Date

Today on August 22nd is also lunar date July 7th which means Chinese Valentine’s Day, which remains a celebrated date but so does Western Valentine’s Day on February 14th so it’s like getting two V-days heh. Many of the upcoming … Continue reading

Chen Fei Yu and Zhou Ye’s Fantasy Romance Movie Yesterday Once More Scheduled for April 28th Premiere in Theaters Despite His Recent Scandal Blip

In C-ent the scandals are either catastrophic career ending ones or more blips with more negative buzz than actual ramifications. C-actor Chen Fei Yu recently went through the latter after pictures were released of him sleeping in bed taken by … Continue reading

High Profile Period C-dramas Forbidden Love and Back From the Brink are Supposedly on Deck for December 2022 Airing

I continue to believe it when I see it with upcoming C-drama airings but it’s useful to check in occasionally. For December 2022, there are a slew of on deck dramas both period and modern, more modern ones but for … Continue reading