Roy Qiu and Tiffany Ann Hsu Attend Media Event for Hit TW-movie Man in Love and She Indirectly Confirms Divorce Rumors with Photographer Liu You Ning

The first hit movie out of the Taiwan domestic film industry is here and it’s the bittersweet romance Man in Love, a remake of the same name Korean movie with Hwang Jung Min and Kim Hee Jin. The TW-version stars Roy Qiu and Tiffany Ann Hsu, a great pairing that should have worked together in the plethora of TW-dramas out during the 2005-2015 era but alas these two missed each other until now. The movie has been #1 in the box office for 3 straight weeks, has great reviews, and recently passed the NT $400 million mark. Unfortunately this great news has been overshadowed by the TW-media and tabloids covering the recent gossip that Tiffany Ann is divorced from her husband photographer Liu You Ning, despite the two never officially confirming they were even married though tacitly they did sorta confirm. Things have been frosty for quite some time and Tiffany Ann was spotted having serious and unhappy looking girl talk lunches recently that made the rumors heat up again. During the media event this weekend to celebrate Man In Love’s box office success, Tiffany Ann was directly asked about it and she responded that “I should say, we both wanted to walk that path, but it didn’t work out. But we are doing well right now, thank you for your concern.” When pressed on the same question, she added “marriage” the walking the path and once again assured the breakup was amicable and both are doing fine. I’m sad to hear that her romantic life continues to have disappointments, sigh. On the movie front, I’m excited to check this one out.

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