K-netizens Also Trending on the C-netizen Critique of How Epic and Unintentionally Awful Fantasy C-drama Mirror: Twin Cities Is

Man, this drama is so bad it can’t even me hate-watched or cringe-watched or basically just watched. And it’s with my C-ent cutie pie Li Yi Feng but either he was lobotomized while filming it or he really is that bad of an actor, all I know is this has started C-drama in 2022 year of the Tiger off on a new low. I’m talking about fantasy drama Mirror: Twin Cities, which to its credit doesn’t have a good source novel either as I read it and was like WTF with it’s weird dark undertones and half gibberish writing that went nowhere and then an abrupt ending. But the C-drama takes just the basic novel premise and builds on it, so the intentional is all good, but the end result is perhaps even worse hahaha. Leads Li Yi Feng and Yukee Chen have zero chemistry, and it’s a shame because the promos (including the poster above) are just gorgeous.

Li Yi Feng also has this empty look and same expression through the entire drama while Yukee is acting in front of a green screen and opposite a statue. The worst part is that this was billed as a big budget high profile drama but the production values are budget rate at best, with bad wigs, weird sets that sometimes look Eastern and other times Western like it was cobbled together from whatever was in the storage at Hengdian studios, and laughable special effects. This drama is the opposite of Go Princess Go which had zero budget and made lemonade out of lemons. This drama’s new level of bad is even getting trending tracking in K-ent, because we all need something to laugh it in these dark political times that is universally okay to mock and no one will get their feelings hurt because everyone involved has moved on.

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