Sun Li Scores Third Major Drama Hit with Nothing Gold Can Stay and Also First Time Not Voice Dubbed

C-dramas has a new big hit on its hands and continues the legend of C-actress Sun Li popularity and savvy in picking projects. Her Legend of Zhen Huan remains an iconic work of the past decade in terms of court period dramas and two years ago she did the Legend of Mi Yue with also popular success. Now she’s back this summer with Nothing Gold Can Stay (Chinese title 那年花开月正圆 That Year the Flower Blooms in the Full Moon), a late Qing dynasty drama based on the real life story of China’s first super wealthy female merchant named Zhou Ying. T

he drama has been receiving rave reviews from critics and audiences alike with the ratings shooting up episode by episode, and also heralding the first time all the leads are not dubbed with Sun Li’s excellent pronunciation and emotional pitch is also impressing all. It really is Sun Li’s one-woman show but her supporting cast of Chen Xiao, Peter Ho, Myolie Wu, and Yu Hao Ming are all holding their own, with ultimately the characters, story, and fantastic costume and set design bringing it all together. I haven’t started marathoning yet but the trailers alone made me laugh and tiny tear up. Audiences are looooooving this drama and I think they may be onto something legit good. Continue reading