Geun-Geun Sageuk Mashup Fanfiction: When Lee Chang Hwe Met Shin Yoon Bok

I’m too lazy to translate the world of fanfiction about the Geun-Geun Couple or stories continuing where Mary Stayed Out All Night left off. But when I came across this brilliant and ROFL picture story book, it begged me to take the time to share it. Bringing you a what-if scenario of: Mae Ri runs over Mu Gyul, sending him back in time where he wakes up as Chang Hwe, who runs into Eun Bok, sees that she looks just like his Mae Ri, and hurries off to marry the little cross-dressing lady.

This picture story uses screencaps from Jang Geun Seok‘s Hong Gil Dong, and Moon Geun Young‘s Painter of the Wind. There are also some wickedly meta cameos in this story,¬†which I won’t reveal and spoil the surprise. Just a refresher: in HGD, Jang Geun Seok plays Chang Hwe, an exiled prince who is back to reclaim his rightful throne, and in PotW, Moon Geun Young plays a genuis painter who must cross-dress as a boy to join the Royal Art Institute and paint for the royal family. Continue reading