Recess: A Penny for that Cliffhanger

K-dramas do the most awesome of episode ending moments. Not all episode-enders are created equal, of course, but the truly unforgettable ones imprint themselves in your brain. Sometimes your jaw drops, other times your heart threatens to jump right out of your chest cavity, and every time it turns you into a raving lunatic chafing for the next episode. What are some of your favorite episode ending moments from a drama? Continue reading

Geun-Geun Sageuk Mashup Fanfiction: When Lee Chang Hwe Met Shin Yoon Bok

I’m too lazy to translate the world of fanfiction about the Geun-Geun Couple or stories continuing where Mary Stayed Out All Night left off. But when I came across this brilliant and ROFL picture story book, it begged me to … Continue reading