Netflix High School Zombie K-drama All of Us are Dead Premieres to Mixed Reviews, Strong First Impression But Falters After

This is the last Netflix K-drama to air from that huge batch announced at the beginning of 2021, most of which went on to global viewership exposure with Squid Game being the most famous. All of Us are Dead is a high school setting zombie K-drama with a relatively unknown/rising young cast adapted from the same name webtoon. It dropped this weekend right before the lunar new year holidays and the reviews after one full day of release are mixed. This drama was actually trending high the week prior during the promos as viewers loved the previews and started to get hyped up. But after watching, the impressions are that it’s not as well-written and tightly plotted and the zombies aren’t super dangerous (one K-netizen’s comment had me ROTFL “If I encountered these zombies, I would survive too!”). I think this drama may catapult some of these fresh faces to stardom moreso than leaving a strong viewership mark, I’ve already heard buzz around Park Soloman and of course Yoon Chan Young has been a steady child/teen actor for the last decade and looks ready for his young adult roles.

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