K-ent Hit with More COVID-19 Positives in Park Seo Joon, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Jun Young, and Rising Young Actor Yoon Chan Young

When my bae Lee Seung Gi got COVID-19 last week, culminated from weeks of many idols, variety stars, musical performers, and actor/actresses all getting it, I thought that may be the peak but looks like there is a mountain even higher. Today K-ent is reporting that multiple big name to buzzy young stars have tested positive. First comes Park Seo Joon, who I thought was overseas filming but looks like he is back as South Korea is still cresting the Omicron wave. Shin Hye Sun also tested positive, and both are reported to be in good condition and just isolating in self-quarantine. Lee Jun Young, who was out and about the last two weeks promoting his just released Netflix movie Love and Leashes, also got COVID this week. And last but not least another Netflix star Yoon Chan Young, one of the leads of hit school zombie drama All of Us are Dead, got a positive rapid antigen result and is awaiting the PCR test results. Wishing swift and full recovery to all.

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Sageuk Drama A King Loves Finds Doppleganger Counterparts to Leads Im Shi Wan, Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun

K-ent continues to churn out talented child actors who succeed into adult roles, with three big names from the last few years transitioning and leaving a void. Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Yoo Jung, and Kim So Hyun are now fully … Continue reading