K-drama to Remake its Own 2004 Early Hallyu Hit Phoenix Which Starred Lee Seo Jin, the late Lee Eun Ju, and Eric

Have we gotten to the point of remaking one’s own dramas, the answer is yes it seems though a few have been discussed over the years and never panned out. K-ent is reporting that the is a plan to remake the 2004 hit melodrama romance Phoenix (Firebird) though turning it from a prime time drama to a daily morning series. The drama starred young Lee Seo Jin and very young Eric, and sadly the leading lady Lee Eun Ju was only 24 years old and committed suicide shortly after Phoenix after suffering from major depression and mental health issues reportedly stemming from filming movies where she played risque roles. I’ve never been able to watch the old dramas of the K-ent stars who have passed if I didn’t watch it before their passing and Phoenix is one of those dramas. I think enough time has passed it could attract new viewers with a remake.

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