C-movie Racing Legend with Shawn Dou and Janine Chang Gears up for December Premiere

Between filming her recent dramas, the always busy Janine Chang actually made an upcoming racing movie that is starting to ramp up promotions for it’s early December release. The movie is called Racing Legend, and looks like a Days of Thunder redux with some changes to the story, but capitalizing on the love of racing movies that we can all thank The Fast and The Furious franchise for.

Normally I’d watch these movies on planes or when it comes on when I’m channel flipping, but I’m totally curious about this one since Janine’s co-star is up-and-coming C-actor Shawn Dou (Dou Xiao) who rocketed to fame as the leading man in famed director Zhang Yimou‘s last romantic movie Under the Hawthorn Tree. All I have to say is: Shawn has the handsome movie star vibe oozing out of him. Check out the stills and trailer for Racer Legend below. Continue reading