Kim Sae Ron and Nam Da Reum are Ready to Kick Demon Ass and Take Names in First Poster and Teaser for Kakao TV Drama Shaman Girl Da Doo Shim

I remember when K-dramas always had a scary/creepy/horror themed drama ready to air in late July/early August when it’s lunar new year ghost month. It’s doesn’t happen regularly anymore but this year there will be Shaman Girl Da Doo Shim streaming on Kakao TV in three weeks time. Starring Kim Sae Ron and Nam Da Reum, the drama centers around high school student Ga Doo Shim born into a shaman lineage with the ability to see and vanquish evil spirits. She tries to live a normal life and transfers to a high school only to find it’s infested with said evil spirits. Cute boy next door Nam Da Reum who becomes her shaman partner and the two probably spend the day dealing with high school drama and the night going all ghostbusters. The poster looks great and the teaser ever better, I can’t wait!

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