First Generation Hallyu Girl Group S.E.S. Reunites for Comeback in 2017

Get ready for early Hallyu idol girls nostalgia madness to hit come early 2017 – SM Entertainment has announced that S.E.S., its pioneering girl idol group from 1997-2002, is reuniting after fifteen years. The members are Eugene, Bada, and Shoo, and all three are only in their mid-thirties which goes to show how early K-pop was debuting new idol stars even way back when. This is one girl group that never had a single scandal and all three members are well-known for being BFFs during their heyday and long after they disbanded to pursue their own entertainment careers. The reunification of S.E.S. will of course lead to speculation whether other top girl groups from the same first generation such as Fin K.L. or Baby V.O.X. could return for a tour. I think this is fantastic news for S.E.S. and can’t wait to see their comeback stages and songs next year. Continue reading