Producer of The Rap of China Unrepentant About Blatant Plagiarism of Korean Original Show Me the Money

The more I hear about the straight up plagiarism scandal of the last month around hit Chinese music show The Rap of China (Chinese title China Has Hip-Hop) basically being a copycat of hit Korean program Show Me the Money the more it pisses me off. And I didn’t even watch the original, lol, but some stuff is just so blatant and distasteful it needs to be shamed. Immediately after The Rap of China premiered on streaming network iQIYI at the end of June, viewers noted the across the board similarities to Show Me the Money in production format, details of a gold chain, rap lyric subtitle bubbles, and the color and font choices, and the overall set design. Even more startling is the producer on The Rap of China being asked about the plagiarism charges giving a response “Why not take something good?” Grah, I want to punch this attitude so bad! Thankfully Chinese netizens and viewers are all on the side of Show Me the Money and do not condone this behavior from their local production. Continue reading