Korean-American Film Minari Scoops Up Multiple Oscar Nominations Including Best Picture, Best Actor for Steven Yeun and Best Supporting Actress for Youn Yeo Jung

It’s awards season in the US and the mother of all film accolades the Oscars (Academy Awards) released its nominations today and one of the big hauls in nods went to Korean-American movie Minari. The movie has garnered universal praise with the only quibble whether it’s a US-language movie or a foreign film. It’s an Korean-American movie for sure, set in the US, and the Korean to America immigrant experience, and the characters speak both Korean and/or English. The Oscars did right by the movie, nominating it for Best Picture unlike the Golden Globes that put in the Best Foreign Film Language category. Last year’s Best Picture winner was, of course, Korean movie Parasite so it’s not new for the Oscars to put fully non-English language films in the Best Picture category. Also congrats to Korean-American actor Steven Yeun for garnering a Best Actor nomination, the first for an Asian-American actor in a Lead category, while veteran Youn Yeo Jung was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and it’s the first acting nomination at the Oscars in any of four acting categories for any Korean actor/actress.

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