Hit J-dorama Heaven and Hell with Ayase Haruka and Takahashi Issey to Get K-drama Remake in 2022

J-doramas have been pretty lackluster in the last few years but as with all entertainment offerings if you build it (right), they will come. A shining light in 2021 has been the soul swap with a twist dorama Heaven and Hell: Soul Exchange, and now it’s getting a K-drama remake. Starring Ayase Haruka and Takahashi Issey, it’s the opposite of Secret Garden where an attractive pair of man and woman switch souls but instead of being soulmates he’s a diabolical genius serial killer soul and she’s the righteous hardworking police detective soul. Right before she arrests them the fates pull this trick on them and now he’s in her body pretending to be a cop and she’s stuck in his body worried about the serial killings catching up. The dorama has been on my to-watch list and this is definitely the kicker to remind me to binge soon.

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