Roy Qiu Battles the Undead in Cameo Laden Horror Comedy TW-movie The 9th Precinct

It’s the end of ghost month already but one more supernatural movie is hitting the screens this weekend with The 9th Precinct. Even without it starring my fave Roy Qiu it still looks scary cool but with Roy as the earnest cop assigned to the ghostly 9th precinct it’s one I’ll be on the lookout for when it hits streaming. Roy plays a new cop with good test scores and a bigger heart to fight for justice but also having the ability to see ghosts so he gets assigned to the in-between 9th precinct with other cops in charge of policing the ghosts that still roam the earthly realm. The director has done plenty of other dramas or movies so also lined up in cameo appearances Chris Wu, Ivy Shao, and Sonia Sui, among the famous faces. Check out the stills and fun trailer below! Continue reading