Producer Yu Zheng Writes Long Post Criticizing Actress Li Meng’s Behavior on The Double Set But Praising Her for Admitting Mistakes and Delivering a Great Performance

Sometimes I wonder what Yu Zheng is thinking because he seems to just needs attention and creates new topics of discussion. Last week he caused backlash on actress Li Meng who he cast as the antagonist princess in his drama The Double with a very long and overly wordy spiel about her pros and cons. She was not the first actress cast for the role of Princess Wanning but when the original actress has a scheduling conflict and he happened to be dining with Li Meng, he offered her the role. He said she behaved weirdly on set at times – insisted on looking for missing items until she caused everyone to be late, didn’t like period costumes and complained about all the accessories, no boundaries with other actors and just drank their water, sometimes didn’t memorize her lines and needed to be hounded by the director to do so. He basically called her for acting like a child, but then said he like that when she was called out she would take the criticism and change. She also delivered an amazing acting performance so Yu Zheng was overall happy to have worked with her. Talk about a backhanded compliment through his entire grand speech lol.

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Yu Zheng Rips into Wang Xing Yue’s Production Office After It Releases Video Showing the Original Ending of The Double was His Character Dying in Battle

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The Double Nearing End of Run with Slight Dip in Viewership and Ratings From Peak Middle of Airing But on Track to Be One of the Most Profitable C-dramas in 2024 So Far

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Yu Zheng’s Protege Zhao Qing’s Supporting Role in The Double was AI Faceswapped in for Original Actress Jiang Yi Yi Who Was Cancelled for Tax Evasion

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Yang Chao Yue Guest Stars in Buzzy New C-drama The Double and May Succeed in Reigniting Her Career Like Zheng Hehuizi’s In Blossom Cameo

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