C-actress Wu Jing Yan Starts Filming First C-drama in Three Years a Period Story with Male Lead Chen Xin Hai

There has been C-actors and actresses that film back-to-back dramas it’s like 2-3 a year so it’s actually rare to see a lead take a long break like the way Wu Jing Yan did for the last three years. C-ent has been discussing whether Yu Zheng put her on the backburner or she’s chosen to go on hiatus until she is ready. She’s now coming back with a new period C-drama titled 墨雨云间 translated as Ink Rain Cloud Among the Clouds. Her male lead is rookie rising actor Chen Xin Hai. Her look above is from the drama during the filming prayer ceremony and this look really suits her.

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Producer and Agency President Yu Zheng Discusses How He Has Intentionally Sidelined Actress Wu Jing Yan for the Past Year to Avoid Pigeon-holing Her into an Image

I find producer-director Yu Zheng one of the biggest slimeballs in C-ent but he can’t be faulted here for this decision which is interesting to think about. He recently shared an interview and discussed how his actress Wu Jing Yan … Continue reading

C-netizens Go Full Catty on the Actresses at the 2022 Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit Awards with Complaints Across the Board

So I noticed the 2022 Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit solely for the onstage pairing of Chen Fei Yu (Arthur Chen) and Dylan Wang, two sizzling in popularity young actors who happened to play the same character in Ever … Continue reading