Hyun Bin and Lee Jong Seok Lead the Star Attendance at Movie Premiere for The Himalayas

In time for the holidays and some feel good perseverance cheer comes the K-movie The Himalayas, a mountaineering tale based on a true story of a Korean expedition to find the body of a good friend who died up there. Starring Hwang Jung Min, Jung Woo, Jo Sung Ha, and Kim In Kwon, the movie held it’s premiere this week with plenty of star power in both the cast and VIP attendees. Any premiere carpet that brings out both Hyun Bin and Lee Jong Seok is certainly going to get attention, my attention at least. My guys are both dressed in black but at least Jong Seok has a decent hairdo and the white fur on his bomber jacket breaks up the color monotony, though for a similar sartorial look Kim So Yeon pulled it off way better. Poor Kim Ji Hoon was in fashion purgatory while Joo Ji Hoon was deliciousness personified. Check out the star parade below to end with the cuteness of the movie cast. Continue reading