The Great Battle Wins the Chuseok Holiday South Korean Box Office Over Feng Shui and The Negotiation

K-movie The Great Battle has won the battle (har har) for the box office in a high profile Chuseok holiday three-way skirmish with two other big star helmed movies. Jo In Sung’s sageuk bloody epic The Great Battle came in first in the South Korean box office, with 4.52 million admissions over a 12 day release period. The other sageuk film Feng Shui (Myung Dan) with Jo Seung Woo and Ji Sung was second in its first weekend release but over the 12 day period through Chuseok fell to third, switching spots with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin‘s tense thriller The Negotiation. Over the 12 day period Feng Shui has 1.9 million admissions to The Negotiations 1.7 million. The Great Battle does have lots more theaters playing than the other two movies so that accounts for some higher boosted numbers, but overall all three movies are helping the South Korean box office and lending some pride for the local movie industry. Continue reading

The Leads of Hit K-romance Movie The Classic 15 Years Later Have Competing Movies at the Box Office

It’s a cute coincidence and also a testament to the enduring success of the three actors in question. Most K-drama and K-movie fans. This weekend the Korean box office has a three-way battle for supremacy with three high profile movies … Continue reading

K-stars in Collective Fashion Funk at Movie Premiere for The Negotiation with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin

I feel like such a grumpy pants after seeing the Korean stars walk the VIP red carpet at the movie premiere for thriller The Negotiation starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Both leads were doing some sort of stylized … Continue reading