Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are Matching in Serious Attire for The Negotiation Movie Press Conference

The promotional seems to be compacted for the thriller K-movie The Negotiation, the posters came out yesterday and today the movie holds its press conference in preparation for a September 2018 premiere in theaters. The movie is clearly a two-person show, with male lead Hyun Bin playing the ultimate baddie arms dealing hostage taker matching wits with Son Ye Jin‘s top military hostage negotiator. While it’s a tad disappointing that the first opportunity for top actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin to work together isn’t a project with romantic narratives, we do get to see each flex their serious muscles and do a lot of mental sparring without being in the same room onscreen. It’ll be fun see Binnie play full on bad and Son Ye Jin don the mentally decisive strong woman cape once again.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are Matching in Serious Attire for The Negotiation Movie Press Conference — 8 Comments

  1. They are such visual goals.Same age.Both doing so well in Kmovie world.But am glad Son Ye Jin is not playing a romantic interest to Hyun Bin.She is one of the chungmuro queens.So its good to see her playing roles with more substance not just being the pretty accessory for the male lead.I hope she stays there too.She really doesnt have very good luck with dramas.

  2. Dimples indeed!!! 🙂

    I like Son Ye Jin, she can really get me teared up and she usually has great chemistry with all her costars.

    This seems like an interesting dynamic that I’m eager to watch.

  3. They look so good together. Hyun Bin is so handsome and Son Ye Jin is so pretty. I hope this movie hit big for both actors. Have to agree they are better off in Movie so hopefully they’ll continue to play more movies than drama. My favorite guy is now branching out to take more different roles. I am still waiting to see him in a more challenging and difficult roles.

  4. OMG My handsome Mr. Kim JiWonnie is so gorgeous and so reserved towards other wonem. Hehe he sure is a good man to her. I’m so excited for this new movie. You’re Queen JiWonnie will be so proud. Fighting my beloved Sega couple.

  5. SYY started to be noticed around 2003, but i only watched her first movie/drama in Be With Me (2018). V moving n superb acting by the Queen of Melodrama, little wonder she has won 21 best actresses awards. Now lets ? how she fare as a Negotiator. Never seen Hyun Bin before after 40 korean movies n half a dozen k TV dramas past 8 yrs but he wouldnt be acting opposite SYJ if he is not already there somewhere.

    “Let us never fail to negotiate to negotiate, but let us never negotiate out of fear” … go for it, HB,YJ show us gall n guts.

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