The Great Battle Wins the Chuseok Holiday South Korean Box Office Over Feng Shui and The Negotiation

K-movie The Great Battle has won the battle (har har) for the box office in a high profile Chuseok holiday three-way skirmish with two other big star helmed movies. Jo In Sung’s sageuk bloody epic The Great Battle came in first in the South Korean box office, with 4.52 million admissions over a 12 day release period. The other sageuk film Feng Shui (Myung Dan) with Jo Seung Woo and Ji Sung was second in its first weekend release but over the 12 day period through Chuseok fell to third, switching spots with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin‘s tense thriller The Negotiation. Over the 12 day period Feng Shui has 1.9 million admissions to The Negotiations 1.7 million. The Great Battle does have lots more theaters playing than the other two movies so that accounts for some higher boosted numbers, but overall all three movies are helping the South Korean box office and lending some pride for the local movie industry.


The Great Battle Wins the Chuseok Holiday South Korean Box Office Over Feng Shui and The Negotiation — 5 Comments

  1. Must be tough to be in Korean movie industry. It is such a commercial marketing driven industry and it costs a lot to breakeven and considering the market size… seems too small for that.

    Considering the budget, The Great Battle need approx 8million admissions to breakeven comparing to Myungdang and Negotiations that only need approx more or less 3 million admissions to breakeven.

    • I think Ansi city’s break even point is 5.8million and not 8million, but yes, there is no clear winner here as all the 3 movies fall short of their break even point. Bad news is that Venom is dominating the screens now in korea so it may be harder for them to catch up.

      • I initially thought it’s production cost was US24 million as it was what I find out when I initially search for him. I double checked; it’s budget is only around US$19million. Yes you are right.

  2. I really want to see The great Battle, the war scenes look great!

    I’m not interested by Fengshui. The Face Reader was interesting, but The Princess and the Matchmaker was disappointing.

    I want to watch Negociation ! Hyun Bin on my screen can only be a pleasure 😀

  3. Jo In Sung is the only reason for me to watch TGB that and the battle scenes. As for Feng Shui and The Negotiator happy to wait until it screens on Netflix (I hope).

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