Kwak Si Yang Steps Down as Male Lead in Weekend Drama The Real One Has Appeared Due to Scheduling Conflict

Every time I hear casting changes due to “scheduling conflict” I always go ummmmhhmmmmm suuuuuuure. But this time it’s true because the actual conflict is given and it’s pretty clear both sides wanted it happen until it couldn’t. Upcoming weekend drama The Real One Has Appeared which confirmed Baek Jin Hee and Kwak Si Yang last month will need to quickly find a new male lead for the filming start in January due to Kwak Si Yang having to step off. He just started filming the movie Desperate Pursuit this week and initially thought he could do both the drama and movie but after much discussion with both productions and the respective filming schedules that won’t be able to work. As such, he’s elected to decline The Real One and now the search is on for a new male lead.

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