Joo Ji Hoon Considers Offer to Join Top Medical Team with Kwon Sang Woo

Okay, finally this drama catches my interest. The upcoming obligatory medical K-drama, and I say obligatory because I guarantee there will be at least one medical K-drama a year if not more, Top Medical Team is starting to get all its ducks (cast) in a row now that its predecessor drama Two Weeks is premiering soon. Leading man Kwon Sang Woo joined first and everyone is well aware that an offer was made to Lee Min Jung to be his leading lady. One wonders if she’s in the mood to toil on a K-drama so soon after her upcoming nuptials to top K-star Lee Byung Hun next month. So while Lee Min Jung noodles on that offer, today comes word of a few more castings. Joo Ji Hoon is reportedly mulling an offer to return to prime time television as he joins the cast of TMT. The story is about a hospital consisting of only the top medical professionals in their respective fields all working together. Kwon Sang Woo plays a cold on the outside and warm on the inside cardiothoracic surgeon who leads this top medical team, while Joo Ji Hoon plays his rival described as a gentle on the outside but ambitious on the inside surgeon who aims to use the top medical team as a launching pad to become the director of the entire hospital. Another actress also signed on recently – Oh Yeon Soo from He Who Rolled in Unexpectedly and Oh Ja Ryung is Coming. This drama is getting more attention for its production team consisting of the PD from The Moon Embraces the Sun and the scriptwriter of Brain. Honestly, I’m only going to check this out if Joo Ji Hoon takes the role since I’ve wanted him to take on darker roles since he did Mawang (The Devil), and because I think he’s due for a genuine comeback that isn’t in a scandal plagued makjang to the nth degree weekend drama like Five Fingers. Top Medical Team is scheduled to premiere in late October on MBC, which makes it a direct competitor to Heirs on SBS. Ha, that’ll be an interesting match up. Over at KBS, the competition will overlap with Secret scheduled for September followed by Inspiring Generation with purported lead Kim Hyun Joong. Continue reading