J-stars Tsuchiya Tao and Katayose Ryota Announce Marriage and Expecting a Baby to Kick Off 2023

There was good tidings from J-ent at the very start of 2023 with the announcement that near same age young stars Tsuchiya Tao and Katayose Ryota got married. He’s 28 and she’s 27 and they met 5 years ago doing the 2017 teen romance movie My Brother Loves Me Too Much (don’t worry, no incest in this one) and was reportedly dating since then though neither side confirmed. With the marriage announcement also came news that the two were expecting their first child together. Tsuchiya Tao had a great end to 2022 with the release of Alice in Borderland 2 which remains in the Netflix worldwide top 10 list since its premiere at the end of December but news of her marriage and baby to come will likely mean a pause or even end to her acting career though I hope its the former as she’s one of the most talented young actresses of her gen. Congrats on the marriage and parenthood to come to these two young lovebirds!

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