Netflix Releases Apocalyptic Poster and Action Packed Official Preview for Alice in Borderland 2

A well crafted high stakes life as a game concept will always have room for variations that deliver fun and catharsis. I still remember the one-two punch of K-drama Sweet Home and J-dorama Alice in Borderland when both were released around the same time in December 2020, the perfect holiday binge watch during the height of COVID-19 stay home era. Netflix is filming sequels to Sweet Home but Alice in Borderland 2 will come out first at the end of this month on December 20th. I’ve read and loved the manga which was surprisingly short in that it ended when I actually wanted more, so is AiB2 maps the battle with the face cards then this will be the final installment for the story. There is a side-quel of sorts but it’s really short. Yamazaki Kento returns at the titular Arisu with Tsuchiya Tao as his stalwart partner navigating the increasingly larger games of this season. The most memorable of the face cards will definitely be Yamashita Tomohisa as the butt naked King of Clubs, a genuinely 3D “antagonist” with one of the most interesting games in the story. Check out the super exciting preview below.

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